Education Technology

Statistics for Math B

Activity Overview

Students will determine the mean, median, mode and standard deviation of collected data. They will make a frequency histogram of the grouped data, both on graph paper, and on the TI 83+.

Before the Activity

Students will record their hours of computer usage, for one week prior to the planned lesson.

During the Activity

1. Students will total their computer usage. 2. They will find the mean, median, and mode of their collective data, without the Stat function of the calculutor. 3. Students will use the attached directions for finding the measures of central tendency. 4. Students will use the attachment to find the standard deviation. 5. Students will check their results by following direction for the standard deviation on the calculator. 6. Students will put their data into grouped categories, then construct a frequency histogram on graph paper. 7. Students will follow directions for constructing the histogram on the calculator. 8. Students will be introduced to the Normal Curve, and then compare their results concerning standard deviation to the expected for a normal distribution.

After the Activity

Students will use procedures to solve other problems with standard deviation and the normal curve, from their text book.