Education Technology

Exploring Quadratics in Factored Form

Activity Overview

In this activity students will use TI-Nspire to investigate the graphical representations of a quadratic relation in general form and the same relation in the factored form.

Before the Activity

The teacher may wish to work through the demo Graphing Quadratics in Factored Form to ensure all students have the skills required to work through the activity.

Each student should have a copy of Exploring Quadratics in Factored Form_Student Worksheet.

During the Activity

To start the activity students should reflect on the quadratic equations they have looked at to this point. Those quadratics will have been in general form. During the activity students will be exploring the properties of quadratics in factored form and recording their results on the student worksheet.
Solutions are provided for students to check their work.

After the Activity

Following the activity, students should fill out the Checking for Understanding page on their own and submit to the teacher. (This page is contained in the student worksheet document). Results from these submissions will allow the teacher to see which students need additional coaching on the concepts covered.