Education Technology

Exploring Linear Equations

Activity Overview

This activity uses the Transformation Graphing Application to explore the linear equation after entering data into lists and doing a statistical plot of the data.

Before the Activity

The teacher should give a basic introduction to the TI calculator being used:

  • How to enter data into lists

  • How to do a Stat Plot

  • How to do a Linear Regression on the data)

  • The current curricular knowledge of linear equations, related equation forms, and the concepts of slope and y-intercept.

  • In the attachment are more student activities that can be used at the teacher's discretion.

    During the Activity

    The teacher should go over key strokes and keep asking good inquiry questions with writing prompts in journals or notes.

    Handouts can be used as homework or performance activities.

    After the Activity

    The teacher can give any of the student activities as a final performance activity or can give groups separate activities to present to the class.