Education Technology

Inference for Two-way Tables

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will use the chi-square test to analyze whether two categorical variables are independent or dependent. First they will calculate the expected frequencies, test statistic and critical values. Then students will use the χ2 2-way Test command to calculate the P-value.

Key Steps

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    Students begin by thinking about relationships between categorical variables. Questions are posed based on a survey by Quinnipiac University. Discuss with students why they think the variables are independent or dependent.

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    The next step is to find a test statistic to allow us to compare the observed counts with the expected counts.

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    Students work with a similar claim as before except they are using male vs. female data. The data is given on page 2.2.


    Students should first answer the question, based on the data alone: Do you think the two variables are independent or dependent?