Education Technology

Calculations at the Crazy Cookie Company

Activity Overview

Performing matrix multiplication for the first time, students are prompted to use reasoning skills to determine if matrix products are possible for given pairs of matrices. The tutorial leads them through matrix product operations to find rules for matrix multiplication and predicting dimensions of matrix products.

Application of matrix multiplication to the real-world is the goal of the Crazy Cookie Company problem in the latter part of the activity, which students work in groups to solve.

Before the Activity

Prior to the start of this activity, students should be proficient in matrix terminology. They should have already performed matrix addition, subtraction and scalar multiplication.

Load the CrazyCookie.tns file onto handhelds for student use.

Each student is to work individually, but pairs or groups are recommended, particularly for work on Problem Set 3.

This activity is intended to be opened with whole-class discussion, followed by individual completion of Problem Set 1 and Problem Set 2. During Problem Set 3, students should work in pairs or small groups to facilitate dialogue about the problem solving process.

During the Activity

A separate student worksheet is provided (.doc and .pdf formats for editing if desired):
CrazyCookieWorksheet.doc or
CrazyCookieWorksheet.pdf, for students to record work as they progress through all parts of the activity.
The document is four pages. The last two pages contain Problem Set 3, which can be worked separately.

After the Activity

Assessment of student work can be carried out from completed worksheets, handheld files, or both.
Students may download their files to a classroom computer, or to a single handheld used for assessment storage.