Education Technology

Statistics Handbook for the TI-83

The 59 topics cover how to use the calculator in introductory statistics so students can concentrate on important ideas and concepts rather than mechanical computations. Author(s) - Larry Morgan

Table of Contents

1.   Describing One-Variable Data
2.   Describing Bivariate Data (Two Quantitative Variables)
3.   Fitting an Equation to Bivariate Data
4.   Describing Categorical Data
5.   Collecting Data
6.   Demonstrating Probability, Simulations, and Probability Distributions
7.   Estimating and Finding Confidence Intervals
8.   Testing Hypotheses (Means, Proportions, and Standard Deviations)
9.   Testing Goodness-of-Fit and Two-Way Table Chi-Square
10. Analyzing Variance (ANOVA)
11. Inference for Correlation and Regression
12. Forecasting
13. Some Nonparametric Tests