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Science: Vernier - Lemon "Juice"

by Vernier Software & Technology


"Juice" is a slang term sometimes used for electricity. Batteries are made up of one or more cells. Cells often consist of two different materials in a solution that are connected to each other by a wire. In this experiment, you will study some basic principles of cells using the juice of a lemon as the cell solution. You will place small pieces of two different materials into the lemon, and a calculator will be used to measure and display the voltages produced.

Key Steps

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    A variety of materials are used as the "terminals" of a battery using a lemon as the cell. The voltage sensor is used with EasyData to display the voltages produced in order for students to evaluate the effectiveness of the materials.

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    As a comparison, the black and red leads of the voltage sensor are switched and the voltages measured again.