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Professional Development from T³ - Teachers Teaching with Technology™

About the T³ Local Network Programme

To support the use of TI-Nspire technology in the classroom, T³ has redesigned its offering to incorporate this new TI technology.

With support from Texas Instruments, T³ is able to provide high-quality professional development workshops, that are led by experienced practitioners, who have been using TI technology for many years and have been involved in classroom pilots and research using TI-Nspire.

The workshops include demonstrations of the handhelds and software, the dynamically-linked applications and introduce additional classroom benefits afforded by the TI-Nspire platform. The workshops also offer plenty of hands-on experience and sharing of practical classroom examples!

Visit the T³ website to find out about T³ workshops in your area or at which conferences you can get hands-on experience with TI technology.

Visit the T³ website

To arrange an introductory visit or full-day INSET session for your department, please email or call 01604 663077. Workshops for the TI-84 Plus family of graphics calculators are also available on request.

As an attendee, you will:

  • Have the chance to try out the TI-Nspire software before the workshop or to book a loan set of handhelds
  • Work with the support of an experienced trainer
  • Be provided with tutorials and classroom materials to use after the course, many of which are available to download from the Nspiring Learning virtual resource centre.
  • Have the opportunity to purchase TI technology at discounted rates. 
    View details of what T³ has to offer.