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Instructional Product Dealers

All of the instructional products dealers represented here sell TI calculators, software and accessories, but TI-Navigator™ products and TI Professional Development services are sold by select dealers. Please refer to the chart to learn which products and/or services are available from each dealer listed.

Instructional Dealers US Contact Information Shipping From TI-Navigator™ Professional Development
AFP Industries 1-800-962-4041 FL
Bach Company 1-800-248-2224 CA  
Calculators Inc. 1-800-533-9921 MN
COPCO 1-800-446-7021 OH
D & H Distributing 1-800-340-1006 PA, GA, IL, CA
Douglas Stewart 1-800-279-2795 WI, NV
EAI Education 1-800-770-8010 NJ
Educational Electronics  1-800-526-9060 MA
Electronic Products, Inc. 1-800-843-7017 NC
ETA hand2mind  1-800-445-5985 IL    
Flinn Scientific 1-800-452-1261 IL    
Fisher Scientific 1-800-955-1177 PA
Hawaii Stationery 1-808-486-3200 HI    
Precision Instruments & Technology 1-787-287-3715 Puerto Rico    
Sargent-Welch 1-800-727-4368 NY    
Scantex 1-800-241-0348 GA  
Science Kit 1-800-828-7777 NY    
SchoolMart 1-800-285-2662 MD
School Savers 1-800-221-2120 CA
School Specialty 1-888-388-3224 WI    
TechLine 1-800-777-3635 MD, VA
Underwood Distributing 1-800-753-3570 MI
Valley Business Machines 1-800-462-2019 UT
Vernier Software and Technology 1-888-837-6437 OR  
Ward's Natural Science 1-800-962-2660 NY  

Instructional Dealers Canada Contact Information Shipping From TI-Navigator™ Professional Development
CCS Educational 1-877-CCS-EDUC Ontario
  1-866-344-7330 Alberta
  1-877-652-7546 East
  1-844 CCS QBEC Quebec
Supreme Learning 1-800-442-0484 Canada
Thales Technologies Inc. 1-866-669-2221 Canada
  1-514-329-2221 Quebec
Win-Leader 1-800-565-2172 Canada

Need assistance?

Contact a TI-Cares Customer Support representative via e-mail or phone to order products, inquire about issues, or ask general questions about TI education technology.

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Standard Time
Friday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Standard Time
Email: TI-Cares Support

CPSC Children’s Product Certificates

Texas Instruments Incorporated Education Technology's Elementary and Middle School calculators complies to (CPSIA) Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which sets strict limits on lead and phthalates content in Children’s Product ages 12 and under. Copies of the compliance certificates must accompany the Children's Products or shipment of Children's Products covered by the certificates and must be made available to each distributor or retailer of the Children's Products. The CPSC has ruled that an electronic certificate, which can be reasonably accessed by distributors and retailers, satisfies the CPSIA's requirements.