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  • What is a T³ Instructor

    T³ – Teachers Teaching with Technology™: Our Instructors

    T³ has had the good fortune to be associated with some of the most creative and innovative mathematics and science teachers in the world. T³ Instructors are educators in elementary and middle schools, high schools, and universities, teaching mathematics, science, agriculture, and engineering. They are authors, coaches, department chairs, and advocates of appropriate technology usage to enhance student achievement.

    The T³ instructor ranks are made up of classroom teachers and university professors. Active classroom teachers can speak from current experiences, based on technology, education trends, pedagogical practices, and student expectations in the classroom today. Experienced teachers bring knowledge, skills, and understanding of what works in a classroom.

    Starting with only 12 instructors in the 1980s, T³ has grown to include over 300 instructors in North America and many more around the world. T³ continues to seek qualified applicants with a desire to provide professional development to their colleagues in mathematics and science education.

    To become a T³ Instructor, an educator must have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, professional development, technology usage, and understanding of exemplary pedagogical usage of technology in the mathematics and science classroom. In addition, prospective T³ Instructors must attend Teacher Leader Training from the T³ organization and be evaluated by current leading T³ Instructors.

    If you are interested in becoming a T³ Instructor, please contact

    • Featured Instructors

      Featured Instructor

      Jennifer Carnes Wilson We are pleased to congratulate T³™ instructor Jennifer Carnes Wilson on receiving the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for the state of Mississippi.

      Ms. Wilson earned both her BS and MS degrees (1993 and 2005) in Mathematics from Mississippi College. She has 19 years of middle grades and high school mathematics teaching experience, and currently teaches at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, MS.

      A graphing calculator user since 1993, her first year of teaching, Ms. Wilson is T³ certified in mathematics, TI-Nspire™ technology, the TI-Nspire™ Navigator™ System, and the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator and applications.

      She became a T³ instructor in 2005 following her experience in a fast-track workshop featuring the Cabri™ Jr. geometry app. "Teaching with TI-Nspire technology makes the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices come alive in my classroom," she says. "I look forward to my classes every day, excited about what we will learn through explorations and questions."

      • T³ Leadership Award Winners

        T³ Leadership Award Winners

        The T³ Leadership Award recognizes educators who have exemplified the ideals of the T³ Program - enhancing mathematics and science teaching and learning through the creative and enthusiastic application of handheld technology. This prestigious award is awarded annually at the T³ International Conference.

        • Bill Caroscio
        • Jane Damaske
        • Vicki Carter
        • Doug Roberts
        • Judy Hicks
        • Jennifer Wilson
        • Margaret Bambrick
        • Allan Bellman
        • Tracy Watson
        • Todd Morstein
        • Corey Boby
        • Jeff Lukens
        • Jill Gough
        • Sam Gough
        • Linda Antinone
        • Fred Ferneyhough
        • Betty Gasque
        • Ed Laughbaum
        • Pam Giles
        • John Hanna
        • Milton "Norm" Norman
        • Ray Barton
        • Gene Olmstead
        • Greg Foley
        • Babs Merkert
        • Ruth Casey
        • Bob Hart
        • Doug Smeltz
        • Charles Vonder Embse
        • John Brunsting
        • Betty Mayberry
        • Scholarships

          Demana-Waits Scholarship for Future Teachers

          The Demana-Waits Scholarship for Future Teachers is named for mathematics professors Frank Demana and Bert Waits. Both led the early use of handheld educational technology in mathematics education at The Ohio State University and co-founded T3™ - Teachers Teaching with Technology™, one of the world's leading professional development organizations for educators.

          "Demana's and Waits' commitment to educational technology and tailored professional development has benefited teachers and greatly impacted a generation of students," said Richard Schaar, past president of the Education Technology division of TI. "Their vision for teacher training is the foundation for TI's goal of providing teachers, new and experienced, with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the classroom and prepare the leaders of tomorrow."

          TI awards the Demana-Waits Scholarship for Future Teachers to students who plan to pursue a teaching career in mathematics. It provides a vital source of financial support and is meant to serve as a bridge to help students initiate academic pursuit toward the acquisition of a degree in mathematics. More information on the scholarship and how to apply is available from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

          Scholarship Recipients

          • Stephanie Jacques
          • John Brahier
          • Dung Tran
          • Joanna Snyder
          • Kelly S. Ruder
          • Brielle Spencer
          • Vinze Villapando
          • Madison Shipley
          • Amanda M. Chui
          • Marlee DeLuca
          • Marissa Blewitt
          • Tim Fether
          • Kim Kanaly
          • Kevin McElrath
          • Alex Gutman
          • Amy Lynn Williams
          • Amy Gersbach
          • Heather Johnson
          • Kerri Gillenwater
          • Tiffany McCracken
          • Daniel Torres-Rangel