Education Technology

Chemistry: Balancing Chemical Equations

by Texas Instruments - Simulation Lesson


  • Students will recognize that the number of atoms of each element is conserved in a chemical reaction.
  • Students will balance given chemical equations.


  • reactant
  • combination (synthesis)
  • product
  • single replacement
  • neutralization
  • double replacement

About the Lesson

  • Students will use the simulation to generate chemical equations and to balance these equations by observing how products are formed from reactants. They will be able to adjust coefficients for the reactants until all reactants are used to form the products. This will lead them to the understanding of conservation of atoms in a balanced reaction.
  • The activity asks students to balance equations at three different levels. At Level 1, students work with synthesis reactions. At Level 2, students work with single replacement reactions and at Level 3 students will balance double replacement reactions (which also includes example of neutralization). There are five equations for each level.
  • Students will answer conceptual questions developed using Question application.

As a result, students will:
  • Reinforce understanding that the number of atoms is conserved in a chemical reaction
  • Recognize the meaning of coefficients and subscripts in a chemical equation.