Education Technology

Physical Science: Skills of Science - Building and Interpreting Graphs

by Texas Instruments - Skills of science Lesson


  • Students will develop a practical understanding of the necessary components of a graph in science.
  • Students will understand the difference between independent and dependent variables.
  • Students will evaluate regression models and understand the concepts of rate of change and y-intercept.
  • Students will enter, graph, and analyze data.
  • Students will evaluate graphs that show different trends—both linear and non-linear.


  • axis scaling
  • dependent variable
  • independent variable
  • linear
  • non-linear
  • rate of change (slope)
  • regression models
  • y-intercept

About the Lesson

This lesson involves students in using TI-Nspire technology to understand the fundamentals of good graphing in the science classroom and laboratory.
As a result, students will:

  • Understand variables, rates of change, and regression models.
  • Accurately graph data in a viewer-friendly, usable way.