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Teaching and Learning With TI-Nspire™ CX Technology in High School Science

Designed for educators who are using TI-Nspire™ CX technology, this workshop immerses science teachers in hands-on explorations that demonstrate effective classroom use of technology, covering a variety of topics from biology, chemistry and physics. Investigate simulations using TI-Nspire™ documents from Science Nspired, and learn to use the Vernier DataQuest™ application for the TI-Nspire™ CX graphing calculator to identify patterns for modeling and predicting scientific phenomena.

Explore learning resources such as the Science Nspired tool, designed to support further use of TI-Nspire™ CX technology, and discuss its integration in the classroom.


This in-person workshop is available in one-, two- and three-day options to accommodate educator-specific needs. A half-day workshop option is also available. The two- and three-day workshops offer a more extensive exploration of topics. A virtual workshop is also available in multiple two- or three-hour sessions.

  • Overview of the TI-Nspire™ CX graphing calculator, including data collection labs with the Vernier EasyTemp® sensor and CBR™ 2 motion sensor.
  • Exploration of interactive simulations using Science Nspired lessons.
  • Introduction to TI-Nspire™ CX Premium Teacher Software.
  • Additional coverage of simulations and data collection labs with the TI-Nspire™ CX handheld.
  • Introduction to the capabilities of the TI-Nspire™ CX Navigator™ System.
  • Opportunities for differentiation based on educators’ subject areas and needs.
  • Deeper coverage of the TI-Nspire™ CX graphing calculator and teacher software across biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Emphasis on classroom applications, data collection and analysis, and online resources.
  • Opportunities for participants to create their own science lessons and formative assessment documents.

Areas of focus

This workshop focuses on effective use of the TI-Nspire™ CX graphing calculator and teacher software in biology, chemistry and physics classrooms. Educators will learn how to collect data with a wide range of sensors, analyze it using the Vernier DataQuest™ App for TI-Nspire™ technology, and use interactive simulations to explore key concepts with students.

Subject Topics
Earth Science
Earth’s Surface, Water and Atmosphere
Cells, Human Body
Atomic Structure and Periodic Table; Chemical Bonding; Gases, Liquids and Solids; Acids, Bases and Salts
Forces and Motion; Heat and Thermodynamics
Skills of Science
Data Collection and Analysis, Building and Interpreting Graphs, Graphical Analysis, Creating Lab Reports

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  • Half day:      $2,000
  • One day:      $3,200
  • Two days:    $6,400
  • Three days:  $9,600

Six virtual hours, delivered in two- or three-hour sessions, is the equivalent to one full-day of in-person professional learning. For workshop pricing including TI technology, please contact us.