Education Technology


Design a systemic, ongoing program for your school

Enhance your math and science teachers’ skills in crucial standards-based areas with Professional Development built around their specific needs.

You have complete design flexibility

Working in collaboration with T³™ instructors and consultants, you can develop an ongoing Professional Development plan for middle grades and high school math and science teachers. Your T³™ BOOST™ program will accommodate the TI technology you use and any number of participants. Its duration and instructional components — including in-school hands-on workshops, classroom coaching and support and customized online Professional Development sessions (see below) — all will be configured to match your educators’ needs and your Professional Development budget.

Sample T³ BOOST program

This sample Professional Development plan outlines how a systemic Professional Development program can be built around math and science educators' specific needs. This sample focuses on implementation of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, but you can design T³™ BOOST™ to address any state or national standards, including Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and STEM education.


A school district needs assistance implementing the Common Core (CCSS) Mathematical Practices into its math classrooms.


A four-month professional learning program for the high school math teachers that includes workshops, coaching and webinars.


District and school administrators, math supervisors and T³™ consultants identify areas of concern and strategies for improvement.

Getting Started

Week 1

Two-day T³™ Workshop: Implementing the Common Core Mathematical Practices with TI-Nspire™ Technology workshop details

Week 3

Customized after-school webinar in order to reinforce workshop learnings

Coaching for Deeper Understanding

Week 1

TCoaching for four days of lesson planning, team-teaching, and mentoring

Week 3

Customized after-school webinar in order to reinforce workshop learnings

Putting Technology in Place

Week 1

One-day T³™ Workshop: Exploring Common Core Topics in High School Mathematics, followed by three days of team coaching workshop details

Week 4

Customized after-school webinar in order to reinforce workshop learnings

Preparing for the Future

Week 2

TCoaching for four days of lesson planning, team-teaching, and mentoring

Week 4

ustomized after-school webinar to explore TI activities that align with topics that will be taught in upcoming weeks classroom discourse

Contact a TI Technology Consultant

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The above example T³™ BOOST™ implementation would cost $27,160. T³™ BOOST™ pricing varies depending on the number of participants and the level of support needed to reach your goals. Contact a TI Technology Consultant using the form to the right for more information.

*TI reserves the right to change prices and/or services and products at any time without notice.

T³ BOOST Instructional Components

You can customize T³™ on-site workshops, classroom support and online learning that meets your educators’ needs and Professional Development budget. Program instructional components include:

  • T³™ Workshops in your school address critical challenges, including implementing instructional practices, improving content knowledge of rich tasks and activities and integrating TI technology to facilitate students’ progression from conceptual understanding to strategic and extended thinking.
  • T³™ Coaching in the classroom models instructional practices, conducts team teaching and supports individual teachers with lesson planning and technology integration to prepare them for successful standards implementation.