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AP® Precalculus: Engage Students in Interpreting, Reasoning and Communicating About Concepts Using TI Technology

When: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 7 p.m. Central time
Technology: TI-84 Plus family, TI‑Nspire™ CX technology
Presenters: Katie Martinez, Todd Steckler

A core mathematical practice is being able to communicate results with precise language and provide rationales for conclusions.

In this webinar, presenters discuss essential elements in communication about AP® Precalculus concepts by guiding you through:

  • Describing the characteristics of a function with varying levels of precision, depending on the function representation and available mathematical tools.
  • Applying numerical results in a given mathematical or applied context.
  • Supporting conclusions or choices with a logical rationale or appropriate data.
Presenters highlight concepts using both TI-84 Plus CE and TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculators.

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Katie Martinez

T³™ National Instructor
La Costa Canyon High School
Encinitas, California

Todd Steckler

T³™ Regional Instructor
South Texas College
McAllen, Texas

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