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2023 Virtual T³IC: Starting Strong in AP® Statistics With the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Family: Exploring Data and Random Variables

When: Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023
Technology: TI-84 Plus CE graphing family
Presenters: Daren Starnes, Josh Tabor

What does r2 really tell us?

We’ll share a classroom-ready investigation with an engaging context that connects one-variable and two-variable quantitative data analysis on the calculator while answering this question.

The TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator offers students several helpful menu options for calculating probabilities involving normal and binomial random variables. What work do students need to show when using these calculator functions on free-response questions? We’ll examine a multipart question that addresses this issue with a real-world scenario.

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Daren Starnes

T³™ National Instructor
Textbook Author
Hilton Head, South Carolina

Josh Tabor

Statistics Teacher
The Potter’s School