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Top 4.75 Tips to Generate Student Success on the SAT® Math Test

When: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 | 7 p.m. Central time
Technology: TI-84 Plus family, TI-Nspire CX technology
Presenter: Tom Reardon

Being a good math teacher doesn’t always translate to helping students with test-prep strategies. Which strategies are most important?

What are the best ways to use your calculator? How do you help students manage their time when taking high-stakes tests like the SAT® math test?

Join this webinar to explore:

  • Solving sample SAT® test items using TI technology — both TI-84 Plus CE and TI‑Nspire™ CX II graphing calculators
  • Teaching students conceptually for deeper understanding and retention using TI technology
  • Proven test-taking strategies and ideas

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Tom Reardon

T³™ National Instructor
Poland, Ohio

"I've been wanting to incorporate more SAT-style questions into my lessons, but haven't known what to focus on. This has helped me tremendously." — Kimberly Malone, Abingdon-Avon High School (Illinois)

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