Education Technology

Modeling as a Tool To Make Sense of the World Around Us

When: Tuesday, March 9, 2021 | 7 p.m. Central time
Technology: TI-84 Plus family, TI-Nspire™ CX technology
Presenters: Gail Burrill, Tom Dick, Ph.D.

NCTM’s “Catalyzing Change” suggests that one purpose of teaching mathematics is to make sense of the world in which we live, giving students not only the answer to “When will I ever use this?” but also to “Why care?”

Modeling provides an opportunity to dive deeper into a situation such as the pandemic, using real data and simulations to investigate questions involving screening accuracy, false positives and herd immunity. Presenters will show how you can model basic mathematical concepts related to these topics while taking advantage of the power of TI-84 Plus and TI-Nspire™ technology.

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Gail Burrill

T³™ National Instructor
Lansing, Michigan

Tom Dick, Ph.D.

T³™ National Instructor
Corvallis, Oregon

“Practical and inspired examples... Perfect lead-ins for advanced classes in calculus and differential equations.” — Bob Peterson, Instructor (Washington) (Organization not available)