Education Technology

NCSM - Mathematical Situations - Circumscribing Polygons

Technology: TI-Nspire™ Technology
Topic: Mathematical Practices
Speakers: Dan Ilaria, Steve Viktora, Connie Schrock

The MAC-CPTM Situations Project from the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia published a set of Situations in Mathematical Understanding for Secondary Teaching: A Framework and Classroom-Based Situations that were drawn from incidents that occurred in classes observed by members of the Situations Project team.

Some members of this team later collaborated with members of NCSM to produce a Guidebook with six of these Situations. The Guidebook shows multiple ways for a facilitator to direct the professional learning of preservice and/or inservice teachers. The objective is to help teachers make connections among secondary mathematical ideas and to value the relevance and power of their understanding of mathematics beyond that which they teach.

This session will familiarize the participants with this resource. We will delve into the Situation about Circumscribing Polygons and explore how TI-Nspire™ technology can support teacher learning while engaging with the Situations.

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