Education Technology

The Science and Math Behind Helmet Design

Technology: TI-Nspire™ Technology
Topic: Teaching Resources
Speakers: Linda Antinone, Cassie Whitecotton

What is a concussion and what are the causes? What is the purpose of a helmet?

There is an increased awareness and concern about concussions, especially in sports. Presenters will discuss how students can use TI Nspire™ CX technology and Vernier probes to collect data to address this real world problem. They will show how to help students apply science and engineering ideas to design, evaluate, and refine a device that minimizes the force on an object during a collision.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Using TI-Nspire CX™ technology and Vernier data collection probes to investigate what materials reduce the impact of force on an object
  • Analyzing data in DataQuest using different techniques: Best-fit line, modeling, area under-a -curve
  • Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards Three Dimensional Learning model: Practices, Core Ideas and Cross-Cutting Concepts

Presenters will highlight real-world examples from their work with STEM students.

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