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Developing a Budget for a Grant Proposal

Topic: Grant Writing
Speakers: Jen Cezar, Doris Teague

Once the goals and objectives have been developed for a grant proposal, it is time to make projections about the future of the grant and the short-and-long-term outcomes that are expected – and what this might cost.

Budget costs should be in direct proportion to grant expectations. The budget provides the financial picture of how the grant funds would help to accomplish the goals and objectives listed in the proposal. It should reflect all of the various aspects of the grant: who will be working on the grant; travel expenses; materials, supplies and equipment needed, etc. It will include all expenditures of cash and, if needed for the proposal, all in-kind services.

In this session, the presenters will:

  • Describe typical budget development ideas devices
  • Highlight different types of financial documents often required for grant proposals
  • Show an example of a typical budget and reasons behind including expenditures in key areas

This is the third webinar in a three-part series on grant writing. In case you missed the first two webinars, focused on funding resources and preparing a needs statement, you can watch them on-demand.

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