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Back-to-School Tips and Tricks for TI-84 Plus Technology

Technology: TI-84 Plus family
Topic: Technology Skills
Speakers: Ruth Casey, Margo Mankus

There’s no better time to sharpen your TI-84 Plus technology skills than the back-to-school season.

Whether you’re new to the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators or have been using this technology for years, chances are there are some handy tips and tricks that can be added to your TI-84 Plus toolkit. This session will highlight using:

  • Editing tricks to connect home screen investigations to Y= to graph
  • The Transformation Graphing app as an investigation tool for family of functions
  • Piecewise function entry to support connections between analytic and graphical representations
  • What’s new with the TI-84 Plus CE classroom solution – using TI-SmartView™ CE Emulator Software for the TI-84 Plus graphing family and TI Connect™ CE software application to support classroom management
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