Education Technology

Math for the Win: Tying Math to Unexpected, Real World Scenarios

Technology: TI-Nspire™ Technology
Topic: Teaching Resources
Speakers: Jeff McCalla, Matt Owens

Mathematics is a universal discipline that is applied in a multitude of careers, sports and hobbies. Yet, math is often viewed as a set of steps that should be memorized, rather than a language that is used to solve problems of all magnitudes. From finding the perfect angle at which to kick a soccer ball to make a goal, to calculating the rate at which a disease spreads through a population, math is essential to the decisions we make every day. As we are tasked with preparing students for college and careers, how might we inspire them to think differently about the math that can be used to explain their world and to solve problems?

This session will focus on empowering students to:

  • Tackle challenges using problem-solving skills and their TI technology
  • Evaluate, analyze and explain the math behind their favorite topics
  • Explore a variety of careers and the math that makes them possible
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