Education Technology

Did You Know Your TI-84 Plus Could Do This?

Technology: TI-84 Plus Family
Topic: Technology Skills
Speakers: Margo Mankus, Deborah Poss

Get an insider’s look at features of the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator family – designed to enhance teaching and learning - from a member of the product development team as well as a T³™ Instructor.

Whether you are new to the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator family or a veteran user looking to advance your TI technology skills, join us for this webinar to gain insight into TI-84 Plus features which support investigations and discoveries, as well as exam prep. This webinar will focus on:

  • Graph-Table Mode – Analytic, numeric and graph (plots) all in one view
  • Interactive Draw features – Drawing horizontal and vertical lines and much more
  • Inequality Graphing App – Enhancing Y= with relation graphing
  • Using the Boolean features to graph number lines and piecewise functions
  • How to set calculators for exams
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