FAQ T³ Europe webinar series 2022

What is the difference between a T³ Europe webinar and a webinar of my local T³ teacher network?

In 2022 the T³ Europe teacher network will offer a special webinar series for STEM teachers. Inspired by scientists, each webinar will showcase the beauty of STEM and inspire you as a teacher. Several speakers from different European countries will share STEM ideas, educational strategies, and practices on topics like computational thinking, interdisciplinary teaching, physical computing, coding in Python or STEM projects presented by students. Compared to these webinars, the activities offered by your local T³ teacher network will probably be more ‘hands on’. They will be focused on learning how to use education technology in the classroom in relation to your local curriculum and subjects. Find all webinars here.

I can’t attend the day of the webinar, but I would still like to watch the session. Will it be recorded?

Definitely! You can find all recorded webinar sessions on this webpage.The added value of attending the live webinar, is that it offers you a chance to actively participate, for instance during the discussion at the end of the presentation of the speaker.

You say the T³ Europe webinars are free, but are they really?

Of course! All webinars are free and open to all European STEM teachers that wish to learn and exchange on STEM education topics. You also have free access to all recorded webinars.

I'm ready to be inspired! But how do I join in?

When you register for the webinar of your choice you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Simply click the link when it’s time for the webinar to start and you will be taken to the environment that hosts the webinar.