Education Technology

Computer Science and Programming
to Foster STEM Interest

Oct. 6, 2021

Session overview

Educators across the U.S. are working hard every day to ensure a prepared STEM workforce will be available for the important jobs of the future. Engaging in computer science principles through programming contributes to a strong foundation for STEM literacy, access to STEM coursework and, ultimately, STEM fields and employment.

In this TI STEM Exchange session, participants learned about collaborative efforts in Maryland and Virginia to enhance STEM preparedness, interest and access for an increasing number of students. Through a host of authentic, engaging and relevant projects, students grow their skills and confidence for solving problems using coding and robotics.

Session attendees:

  • Learned about the AP® Computer Science Principles (CSP) course and its impact on growing students' STEM identities

  • Heard about the ExCITE! Project (Exploring Computation Integrated Into Technology and Engineering) implementation in Henrico County, Virginia, and Carroll County, Maryland, to support AP® CSP success
  • Shared thoughts, challenges and ideas with other STEM educators across the country

Learn from our panel of professionals

Peter McLaren

National Science Consultant
Next Gen Education, LLC

Steve Barbato

Executive Director and CEO
International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)

Matt Davis

Computer Science and Technology Education
ExCITE Lead Teacher
South Carroll High School

Daniel Fancett-Stooks

Career and Technical Education Specialist
Henrico County Public Schools

Crystal Furman

Director, AP® Computer Science, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
The College Board®

Edward “Ted” C. McNett

Assistant Supervisor of Career and Technical Education
Carroll County Public Schools


Who should attend?

  • Math, science, computer science, and career and technology education teachers
  • School STEM leaders and school district STEM leaders
  • STEM and computer science education support organizations
  • STEM education advocates


Please contact Wendy Peel, or 214.405.2779.

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