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ACCUPLACER® Test Prep Using TI-84 Plus CE Technology

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This three-hour camp is offered to assist students in preparing for components of the ACCUPLACER® mathematics placement tests.

By the end of the camp, students should feel comfortable with:

  • Leveraging the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator for questions in the Arithmetic; Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; and Advanced Algebra and Functions placement tests.
  • Incorporating testing strategies designed to analyze and solve problems more efficiently.
  • Exploring premade activities that deepen student understanding of key mathematics topics while reinforcing technology skills.
  • Analyzing and solving a wide range of problems.

The program is offered as two three-hour camps for up to 25 students each. The breakdown of hours can be customized as needed.

Areas of focus

The camp covers the following Texas Instruments (TI) technology skills, exam strategies and activities:

TI-84 Plus CE technology skills

Creating a function table, storing values to variables to check for equivalence, using true/false statements to compare expressions, graphing quadratic functions and their factors to check for equivalence, graphing a function and determining points of interest, computing function values, tracing on a function, graphing transformations of functions, using the Numeric Solver, entering data into lists, and computing measures of central tendency and measures of spread

Testing strategies

Working backward, glancing at the answers to craft a solution plan, using tables, storing values as variables to compare and evaluate expressions and equations, comparing graphs of functions, analyzing function graphs, graphing to solve equations, sketching geometric transformations, and using calculator tools to solve equations and analyze data

Activities to deepen student understanding

Percent and Words to Symbols, Unit Prices, Unit Conversion, Initial Value and the Rate of Change, Words to Symbols – Expressions and Equations, Systems of Linear Equations, Laws of Exponents, Literal Equations, Factors and Zeros of a Quadratic Function, Function Notation, and Trig Cofunctions


  • TI will provide an instructor who will lead the camp in person or online.
  • The district is required to ensure a certified educator is present throughout the camp.
  • If needed, TI technology may be borrowed; it will be shipped to a central location for the use of the students during the camp.
  • Print materials needed for the camp will be shipped to a central location and distributed by the district to the participating students.

Recommended configurations for the three-hour camp include:

  • Two 1.5-hour blocks
  • Three 1-hour blocks


  • $2,000/half day
  • $3,200/full day

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