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Bridging the gap from learning to achievement

Jump-start your learning

Deep dive into this video series designed to set students up for success in core math and science courses. These lessons are great for both in-person and virtual learning.

Smart Space math

Here you’ll find all the numbers and know-how you need to unlock the language of the universe.

Valerie Camille Jones, Ph.D.
Middle School Math Teacher

Robert Ahdoot
Founder and CEO of Yay Math!

John Urschel
Ph.D. student at MIT Math

Esther Brunat
High School Math Teacher

Smart Space science

From earth to outer space, chemistry to biology, it’s all the fun stuff you’ll want to learn about the world around us and beyond. 

Ty Cook
7th Grade Life Science Teacher

Maynard Okereke/Hip Hop MD
Science Communicator

Jessica Kohout
High School Biology Teacher

Craig Beals
High School Chemistry Teacher

Maynard Okereke/Hip Hop MD
Science Communicator