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Advocacy for Success in Mathematics

Educators and parents can support their students’ education by advocating for high quality teachers and high education standards. Below are some documents that will to help you learn about the issues and the action you can take to support excellent education for all students.

Reaching Common Ground in K-12 Mathematics Education

Reaching Common Ground in K-12 Math Education In recent years, there has been disagreement among various groups and experts about the best ways to teach mathematics in K-12 education. These mathematics leaders have reached agreement on several positions that will enable the conversation to move forward. This paper outlines their common understanding of key issues in math education.

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Briefing Paper Series on Mathematical Literacy

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has produced the following series of papers that look at the influences on mathematics education and develop recommendations for effective state actions to lead to improved student performance in mathematics:

Mathematical Literacy Why Isn't the Mathematics We Learned Good Enough for Today's Students? The Imperative of Mathematics Literacy
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Standards-Based Foundations for Mathematics Education:Standards, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Mathematics
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Preparing the Teachers Our Students Need: Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
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Getting and Keeping the Teachers We Need In the Places We Need Them: Teacher Recruitment, Retention, and Assignment
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Improving Your Child's Education

The Education Trust has developed the following guides to help Latino and African-American parents advocate for their children's education:

Improving Your Child's Education, A Guide for African-American Parents 
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Improving Your Child's Education, A Guide for Latino Parents 
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Como Mejorar la Educación de sus Hijos, Guía Para Padres Latinos 
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