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As part of NASA and Texas Instruments’ The Search for STEMnauts contest, NASA is providing live, behind-the-scenes access and a chance to interact live with various experts. Each week, a new “virtual field trip” will take place at a different NASA location, corresponding to that week’s #STEMnauts challenge. Save the dates and check back as additional details are updated on the calendar below. Follow @TICalculators and @NASA_Johnson for all the latest on #STEMnauts and other info.

Fun with Technology

NASA Robots

Recorded: May 22, 2017

This live event provided a rare peek at the Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility to see some of NASA’s latest robots! 

Watch the recording on the NASA Distance Learning Network – DLN Info Channel.

Mission to Mars

Driving on Another Planet: An Inside Look at NASA’s Space Exploration Vehicles

Recorded: May 8, 2017

Get an up-close look at the amazing new-generation Space Exploration Vehicle – which features pivoting wheels that enable “crab-style” sideways movement and a tiltable cockpit! 

Watch the recording, featuring NASA Robotics Engineer Lucien Junkin, on the NASA Johnson Space Center Facebook page.


Deep Space Patrol

This job rocks! Working in NASA’s Meteorite Lab

Recorded: Friday, May 5, 2016

This event took place in NASA’s Johnson Space Center Meteorite Lab. Planetary Scientist, Dr. Kevin Righter, provided a behind-the-scenes tour of the lab and showed various meteorites from the NASA collection. He also answered questions submitted from around the world live via social media.  

Watch the recording on the TICalculators Facebook Page.

Down to Earth

The World of Lights: Earth at Night

Recorded: April 26, 2017

This live event took place at Goddard Space Flight Center with NASA’s hyperwall, a video wall displaying multiple data visualizations and images simultaneously across an arrangement of screens. The hyperwall is used to help explain phenomena, ideas, or examples of world change. 

Watch the recording, featuring Dr. Miguel Roman, Research Physical Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, on the NASA Distance Learning Network – DLN Info Channel.