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When did Math come alive for you?

Help spread the love of math by recognizing and giving back to the person who helped you build a relationship with numbers. Honor them by sharing your math story for a chance to win them their math wish (up to a $1,500 value).

Tell us who inspired your love of math

Who infused you with a passion for numbers? Was it a teacher, a student or a friend? Did your own aha! moment lead you to love math? We want to hear about it! In a few words, share the story of how that person inspired you and why they deserve to win.

Nominate your mentor below for a chance to win them a math-themed prize, like visiting a math museum, meeting a famous mathematician or even loading up a classroom with TI technology. Plus, if your entry is chosen, you’ll also get a prize — your choice of a Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculator. What math prize do you wish to grant?

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