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BA II Plus™ financial calculator app

Combine the capabilities of the best-selling financial calculator from Texas Instruments — the BA II Plus™ calculator — with the powerful functionality of the BA II Plus™ Professional calculator and you get an app for iOS devices that is ideally suited for business majors and finance professionals.


Full range of finance and science functions

  • Performs Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) calculations including annuities, loans, mortgages, leases and savings
  • TVM P/Y=1 default matches current BA II Plus™ and BA II Plus™ Professional calculators
  • Generates amortization schedules
  • Calculates IRR, MIRR, NPV and NFV for cash-flow analysis
  • Stores up to 32 uneven cash flows with one- to four-digit frequencies and analyzes the impact of changes in variables
  • Evaluates bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call”
  • Choose from six methods for calculating depreciation, book value and remaining depreciable amount
  • Performs analysis on one- and two-variable statistics with four regression options: linear, logarithmic, exponential and power
  • Determines the days between dates
  • Calculates breakeven, profit margins and percent change
  • Includes trigonometric and logarithmic scientific functions
  • Choose between chain and Algebraic Operating System calculation methods

Other features

  • Stores 10 values in memory which are retained by the Constant Memory feature
  • Enable key click sounds in Settings
  • Switches to second functions fast with one-touch 2nd function key
  • Support for split screen, portrait and landscape modes

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