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Vernier EasyData® app & EasyLink® USB sensor interface

Connects one of 25 standard Vernier sensors to the USB port of any TI-84 Plus graphing calculator to let students quickly and easily collect and analyze a wider variety of data such as pH, light, pressure and more.



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Available from Vernier Software & Technology

TI-84 Plus family graphing calculator
Designed to be rugged, portable and affordable, the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators works seamlessly with the EasyLink® to make data collection faster, more accurate and intuitive to users.

Easy to Use
The TI-84 Plus Family graphing calculator automatically detects the new direct-connect USB EasyLink® and launches the Vernier EasyData® app to begin data collection.

Sensors compatible with EasyLink® and the TI-84 family of graphing calculators:

  • 5-g Accelerometer
  • Low-g Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Conductivity Probe
  • Current Probe
  • Dissolved Oxygen Probe
  • Dual-Range Force Sensor
  • EKG Sensor
  • Electrode Amplifier
  • Extra-Long Temperature Probe
  • Flow Rate Sensor     
  • Force Plate
  • Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • O2 Gas Sensor
  • ORP Sensor
  • pH Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
  • Surface Temperature Sensor
  • Thermocouple 
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Also available:

Vernier EasyTemp® USB temperature sensor
The TI-84 Plus Family graphing calculators automatically detect the new direct-connect USB EasyTemp® sensor and launch the Vernier EasyData® app to begin data collection.

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