Education Technology

Real-time data collection in real-world context

Make it easy for students to test ideas and analyze results with intuitive, user-friendly sensors.
Examine a broad range of data from pH and temperature to light, pressure, force and more.

Connect to Go Direct sensors with the TI Bluetooth® Adapter

Quickly and easily connect Go Direct sensors to TI graphing calculators — and start collecting all your data wirelessly! The TI Bluetooth® Adapter only requires a one-time setup and makes it easy for students to collaborate and work in groups.

Go Direct sensors DataQuest® App with USB connection DataQuest® App with TI Bluetooth® Adapter Python programming with TI Bluetooth® Adapter
Force and Acceleration Sensor Spring 2024 Spring 2024
Gas Pressure Sensor Spring 2024 Spring 2024
Light and Color Sensor Spring 2024 Spring 2024
Motion Detector Spring 2024 Spring 2024
pH Sensor Spring 2024 Spring 2024
Temperature Probe Spring 2024 Spring 2024

Are your students interested in
learning to code?

Go Direct sensors work with TI’s Go Direct Python module to add a new dynamic for experimenting with data collection.

Learn how to get started

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Texas Instruments is under license. Go Direct, LabQuest and DataQuest are registered trademarks of Vernier Science Education™.

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