Education Technology

Data collection with
TI technology and
Vernier Go Direct® sensors

Empower students to code their own data collection programs

How does it work?

Vernier Science Education™ designs the Go Direct family of sensors made with Bluetooth® to connect wirelessly with other devices.

When paired with the TI Bluetooth® Adapter, students are able to quickly and easily collect data wirelessly using a Python-enabled TI graphing calculator and Python programs they can write themselves.

Students share sensors and
collect their own data

The TI Bluetooth® Adapter makes it easy for students to take turns sharing classroom sets of sensors because it only needs to be paired to a sensor once. Simply switch the adapter from one calculator to another … and go!

Required equipment

Connect your TI graphing calculator to Go Direct sensors

1. Get the TI Bluetooth® Adapter

Use the adapter with the latest sketch software to enable your TI graphing calculator to wirelessly connect to Vernier Go Direct sensors.

2. Update your calculator

Make sure your graphing calculator is up to date with the latest operating system in order to link to the TI Bluetooth® Adapter.

3. Download and transfer files

Download and transfer the Python modules for Go Direct sensors to your TI graphing calculator. Then follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide (included in the download) to complete setup.

4. Connect and go

Complete the steps in the Getting Started Videos below and follow any on-screen instructions on your TI graphing calculator. Finish pairing and you’re ready to start collecting data!

Watch how easy it is to
connect Go Direct sensors to your graphing calculator

How-to for the TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculator

How-to for the TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator


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