Education Technology

TI-SmartView™ Emulator Software for the TI-30XS/TI-34 MultiView™ Scientific Calculators

Demonstrate and lead classroom exploration of math
and science concepts with easy-to-use software that
emulates the TI-30XS MultiView™, TI-30XB MultiView™
and TI-34 MultiView™ scientific calculators.


Lead classroom instruction

Use the emulator to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the TI-30XS MultiView™, TI-30XB MultiView™ and TI-34 MultiView™ scientific calculators. The large screen emulator allows you to illustrate different mathematical concepts to your students regardless of the calculator they are using.


Keep the class on track

Educators can provide a clear and easy way for students to follow along by displaying key-press sequences. Copy-and-paste key presses into other applications to create class handouts.


Easily capture multiple screen captures

Drag screen features easily moves screen captures from TI-SmartView™ to compatible applications such as Microsoft® Word.


Easily integrate with other technology

The emulator software easily integrates with existing projection systems for viewing by the entire class.



System Requirements

Windows® system requirements
  • Windows® XP (Home or Professional) SP 2 or SP 3; Windows Vista® 32-bit (Home Premium; Ultimate; Business )Windows® 7 (Home Premium; Ultimate, Professional)
  • Processor Speed: 900 MHz Pentium-compatible CPU or higher recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard drive: Approximately 500MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive or active internet connection for installation
Mac® system requirements
  • OS X 10.12
  • Any Mac 2008 or newer
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Hard Drive: Approximately 300 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Screen resolution : 1024 x 768 (minimum) - 2560 x 1600 (maximum)
  • Active internet connection for installation and activation

Licensing options

Single-User License (PC and Mac®)
  • Provides one software license for one computer
Volume License (PC and Mac®)
  • Allows access to the software on a fixed number of computers
  • Software can be deployed with many standard deployment methods
  • Software is activated online
  • Software not required to be connected to the network in order to be used
    Concurrent License (PC and Mac®)
  • Allows simultaneous use of software by one or more users, up to the maximum number of users agreed to at the time of purchase
  • Software can be deployed with many standard deployment methods


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Toll-free help hotline: 1-800-TI-CARES
  • Email:
  • Classroom activities available
  • Complete guidebooks available

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TI-SmartView™ for TI-30XS/TI-34 MultiView™ guidebooks are available to help you learn how to use the TI-SmartView™ computer software.

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