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TI-84 Plus Presentation Link™ Adapter

The TI Presentation Link™ adapter gives students means of displaying their own work on the calculator screen to the entire class, providing a more engaging, interactive classroom learning experience. The adapter connects student 
TI-84 Plus graphing calculators to TI Presentation Tools -- the TI-Presenter™video interface or a ViewScreen™ panel. It's the electronic equivalent of writing on the blackboard in chalk!
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How to Use

To connect the TI Presentation Link adapter, plug the connector on the ViewScreen panel cable or TI-Presenter video interface cable into the Presentation Link port until it snaps into place. Next, firmly push the USB connector on the Presentation Link cable straight into the USB port on top of the calculator. For the TI-Presenter, please use the Type 1 cable for TI-84 family.