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Quick tutorials

TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator

Get to know your TI-84 Plus CE with these quick video tutorials that cover basic functions, your calculator home screen, simple graphing, software and more.

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Getting started

Modes, settings and organization

Using the keypad

Using the calculator with TI Connect™ CE software

Replacing the rechargeable battery

Calculator Home Screen

Simple calculations

Settings and editing calculations

Sample calculations and tips

Define, store, manage variables

Solving equations

Solving quadratic and simultaneous equations

Unit conversions

Using the finance solver application

Accessing matrices

Calculating derivatives and using the Numeric Solver


How to graph

Using real-life images as backgrounds on graphs

Plot graphs and set windows

Analyzing graphs

Find points of intersections with trace and tables

Relational drawing and Draw menu

Using the Transformation Graphing App

Transformations with the Y= editor

Using Inequality Graphing App

How to graph a piecewise function

How to graph a derivative

Data and Statistics

Basic statistics

Create and edit data sets


Analyze a one variable data set

Using stat plots with one variable

Lists and bivariate data

Statistical plots and bivariate data

Probability Calculations

Using the Probability Simulation App

Permutations, combinations and binomial distributions

Normal distribution curve

Computer Software and Programming

Using TI-SmartView™ CE emulator software

Creating a TI-Basic program