Education Technology

Presentation Tools - How to Use


If your classroom has a TV, VCR, or other projection device with a video input port, you can use the TI-Presenter video interface to project your TI calculator's display. The whole class can easily follow along as you demonstrate concepts.

It’s so easy to use! Simply attach one end of the included cable to your presentation unit (TV or VCR, for example) and attach the other end of the cable to your ViewScreen calculator* (teacher unit). Turn on each device, and you’re ready to go. Program software is user-friendly and starts automatically when both the TI-Presenter and projection device are turned on.

What’s included in the TI-Presenter package:

  • Carrying case
  • TI-Presenter video interface
  • Guidebook
  • Unit-to-unit link cable
  • Poster
  • Transparency

ViewScreen Panel™

The TI ViewScreen calculator* (teacher unit) connects to the ViewScreen panel via a cable. When both units are connected, place the panel on the overhead projector in your classroom. Now you can project an enlarged image of the display so each student can follow along as you explain a new function or demonstrate data analysis.

What’s included in the ViewScreen package:

  • Carrying case
  • ViewScreen panel
  • ViewScreen calculator*
  • AC adapter
  • Guidebook
  • Unit-to-unit cable
  • Poster
  • Transparency

Presentation Link™ adapters for Student Units

Presentation Link adapters are used on student TI-84 Plus family or TI-89 Titanium calculators to connect to the TI-Presenter™ or ViewScreen™ panel.

To connect the Presentation Link Adapter, firmly plug the connector on the Viewscreen panel cable or the TI-Presenter video adapter cable into the port on the Presentation Link until it snaps into place. Next, firmly push the USB connector on the Presentation Link cable straight into the USB port on top of the calculator device. For the TI-Presenter, please use the Type 1 cable for TI-84 family and Type 2 cable for TI-89 Titanium.

*ViewScreen calculators or "teacher units" have all the functionality of student calculator models. Plus, they can be plugged into a ViewScreen panel or TI-Presenter video interface for projection to the entire class. Teacher units are available through Instructional Product Dealers alone or as a part of a presentation package.