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Connect your graphing calculator to the Dash Robot

The TI-84 Plus CE Python and TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculators now work with the Dash Robot from Wonder Workshop.

Bring coding to life with TI technology and Dash

Now TI offers educators one more way to teach students the basics of coding — with the help the Dash Robot! When linked to the TI-84 Plus CE Python or
TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculator , students can enjoy hours of interactive learning by exploring all the various coding possibilities that make their robot come to life.

By combining TI technology with the physical computing experience of Dash, students learn to:

  • Develop real-world text-based programming skills.
  • Build valuable STEM skills and experience with drones.
  • Experiment with loops, conditional statements, sequences and Boolean operators.

Did you know coding with Dash can help build math skills?

Students can write code to explore key math concepts, including distance, speed, and time, and X,Y coordinates.

Prepare to start rolling

TI technology and the Dash Robot are the perfect match. Learn how simple it is to start coding the Dash Robot with your Python-enabled TI graphing calculator and TI Bluetooth® Adapter — and let the fun begin!

Get your graphing calculator ready to Dash

Follow these steps to get your TI graphing calculator connected to the Dash Robot and ready to code and roll.

1. Get the TI Bluetooth® Adapter

The TI Bluetooth® Adapter makes it simple to wirelessly connect your graphing calculator to the Dash Robot.

2. Update your calculator

Make sure your graphing calculator is up to date with the latest operating system in order to link to the TI Bluetooth® Adapter.

3. Download and transfer files

Download the zip folder and transfer the files to your calculator. Then follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide (included in the download) to complete setup.

4. Pair your Dash Robot

Continue following the Getting Started Guide and any on-screen instructions. With the SetDash app, finish pairing your calculator and you’re ready to start coding!

Free coding activities for the Dash Robot

No coding experience? We make it simple to learn! Explore our free coding activities that help students learn the basics of coding.


Meet the Dash

Get to know the Dash Robot. Try out simple coding commands to power the robot using your graphing calculator with linked adapter.

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