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Solution 21851: TI-Nspire™ Handheld Shows an "Invalid Keypad" Error When Attempting to Insert the TI-Nspire™ Native Mode Keypad or the Device OS is Deleted While the Device is in Press-to-Test Mode.

Why do I receive the error "Invalid Keypad" when attempting to insert the TI-Nspire Native Mode keypad or the device OS is deleted while the device is in Press-to-Test mode?

If this issue occurs while attempting to insert the TI-Nspire Native Mode keypad, please try the following:

1. Remove the native keypad.
2. Insert the 84mode keypad.
3. Turn the device on.

Depending on the availability of the hardware mentioned below, pick the most applicable step.

• If the user has a unit to unit DBUS cable and another device or a unit to unit USB cable and another device:

- Connect the device via DBUS unit to unit cable to another TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus Mode, a TI-84 Plus family calculator, or a TI-83 Plus family calculator.
- Set the problem device in receive mode by pressing [2nd][Link] then selecting Receive.
- Use the other device to send a variable (such as L1) to the problem device.

• If the user only has a computer and a DirectUSB or Silverlink cable.

- Connect the device to the PC via a DirectUSB or Silverlink cable.
- Using TI-Connect, get a directory, then drag and drop L1 from the calculator to the computer's desktop.
- Using TI-Connect, drag the L1 file from the computer's desktop back to TI-Connect and replace the existing file.
- Turn 84mode OFF by pressing 2nd OFF.
- Remove the 84mode keypad
- Insert the native keypad.
- Turn the device ON.
- The device should boot normally into TI-Nspire with no keypad error messages.

This issue can also happen with either keypad if the device OS is deleted while the device is in Press-to-Test mode.  While in Press-to-Test mode, the OS should never be deleted, however, if the device will not allow the TI-Nspire Native keypad, please do the following:

- Remove the battery cover (this should power the device off)
- Remove a battery from each column of batteries and swap them to the other column.
- Replace the battery door, and turn the unit on.

 The Device OS will reboot, and should allow the user to work with the native mode keypad.