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Solution 31552: Creating a Function Table Using the TI-36X Pro.

How do I create a function table using the TI-36X Pro?

The following instructions demonstrate how to create a function table using the TI-36X Pro.

Example: Find the vertex of the parabola, y= x(36-x) using a table of values.

Please Note: The vertex of a parabola is the point on the parabola that is also on the line of symmetry.

1) Press [table].
2) Press 2: Edit function.
3) Input [x] [(] [3] [6] [-] [x] [)] [enter].
4) Input 15 for Start=.
5) Input 3 for Step=.
6) Select Auto.

Please Note: Auto will automatically generate a series of values based on the table start and table step. X = ? lets you build a table manually by entering specific values for the independent variable x.

7) Scroll to calculate and press [enter].

You will now see a table of values; however, if you chose the 'X = ?', you may now enter values for X and press [enter] to see the corresponding value. After searching close to x = 18, the point (18, 324) appears to be the vertex of the parabola since it appears to be the turning point of the set of points of this function. To search closer to x = 18, change the Step value to smaller and smaller values to see points closer to (18, 324).

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.