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Solution 30811: Graphing Derivatives on TI-Nspire™ Family Products.

How do I graph derivatives on the TI-Nspire family handhelds and TI-Nspire family software?

To graph the derivative of a function, refer to the example below:

Example: Graph the derivative of 3x^5. 

1) Press [Home]. 
2) Insert a Graphs page or press [B] for a Scratchpad Graphs page.

3) Press [catalog], [D] and select d( ,

Please Note: As an alternate you may also press [D], [( ] from the Graphs page.

4) Input 3x^5, press the right arrow once and press [,] [X].

5) Press [enter] to display your graph.

To view a table of the derivative at given points for x, please follow the steps below: 

1) Press [Crtl], [T].
2) Scroll up or down to view the derivative at given points for x.


Please see the TI-Nspire family products guidebooks for additional information.