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Solution 24810: Transferring Files to TI-Nspire Family Handhelds Using the TI Connect-to-Class™ Teacher Software.

How do I transfer files to my TI-Nspire family handhelds using the TI Connect-to-Class Teacher software?

To transfer files to a class set of TI-Nspire family handhelds using the TI Connect-to-Class Teacher software, please follow the steps listed below.

• Open the TI Connect-to-Class software. Make sure each TI-Nspire family handheld is securely connected to a USB hub.

• In the TI Connect-to-Class Teacher software, click on the "Tools" menu and select "Transfer Tool".

• For the " Device Type" drop-down menu, select "TI-Nspire Family Handhelds" or "TI-Nspire CAS Family Handhelds".

• Click the "Add File" button.

• Using the Windows Explorer, navigate to the location where the TI-Nspire family files are stored.

• Highlight the file(s) to be sent. If more than one file needs to be highlighted, hold down the [CTRL] key while left-clicking on the file name. Repeat this process for each file to be sent.

 • Click the "Open" button to add the selected files(s) to the "Transfer Tool" window.

• Click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the transfer process. If multiple files were selected to be transferred, the files will be transferred in alphabetical order.

NOTE: Once the transfer process has started, more TI-Nspire family handhelds can be connected. The "Transfer Tool" will add the newly connected handheld to the list of connected handhelds and begin transferring the files. This can be used for a student who arrives to class late or, if a student is having problems receiving the files, he/she can disconnect and re-connect the handheld.

• Once all transfers have completed, click the "Stop Transfer" button.

For additional help with using the TI Connect-to-Class Teacher software, open the software and press the [F1] key or click on the "Help" menu option and select "Help Connect-to-Class".