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Solution 23150: Guidelines for Linking or Using Linked Variables on the TI-Nspire™ Family Products.

What are the guidelines for linking or using linked variables on the TI-Nspire family products?

Variable linking is a powerful tool for building and exploring mathematical models using the TI-Nspire family products. Values and functions created or defined in one application can interact with other applications (within the same problem) to share data.

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when linking or using linked variables:

• Variables can be linked between applications on one page or between different pages of the same document.
• Since all applications are linked to the same variables, if a linked variable is deleted from any application, then all references to the variable are lost.
• If the linked variable is changed in the original application, the change is reflected in all linked usages.
• Variables cannot be linked between TI-Nspire documents.  For example, if the user stores the value of 2 to the variable X in a TI-Nspire document, and then creates a new TI-Nspire document, X will not equal 2 in the newly created file.

Each application allows the user to define a value or function as a variable. Defining a variable is the first step in linking variables.

Please see the TI-Nspire family products guidebooks for additional information.