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Solution 23911: Disposal or Recycle of an Old or Inoperable Calculator Product.

What is the best method for disposal or recycle of an inoperable calculator?

TI is concerned about mounting electronic waste and the proper disposal of products at the end of their useful life.  Accordingly, Texas Instruments Education Technology products are designed to withstand years of use and graphing calculators can be upgraded with new software.  They also incorporate many product and packaging materials that can be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.


Due to the varied local regulations and practices, TI recommends that you contact your local recycling facility or government agency to determine what is appropriate in your area.


If you need to dispose of calculator products that are at the end of their useful life or are inoperable, you may find a recycling facility in or around your area through the third-party website below.  US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Reference our Knowledge Base case on recycling rechargeable batteries for more information on disposal of Ni-Cad and other rechargeable batteries.  


See our web pages at for more information about Product Stewardship in the Texas Instruments Education Technology business.