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Solution 23851: Troubleshooting a TI-84 Plus Family or TI-89 Titanium That Responds Slowly to Key Presses.

Why does my TI-84 Plus or TI-89 Titanium respond slowly to key press entries?

Issue/Symptom:  When making key press entries, the product responds slowly

If a piece foreign material such as a pencil lead is lodged in the I/O port of the calculator, it may create a short causing the calculator to respond slowly to key press entries.

If the piece of conductive material can be removed, it may restore the calculator to normal operating condition.

If the material cannot be removed, contact TI-Cares Customer Support to proceed with an out of warranty product replacement.

If conductive material is not lodged in the I/O port and the calculator responds slowly to key press entries, contact TI-Cares Customer Support for further troubleshooting and resolution.