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Solution 18329: Troubleshooting a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator that Rapidly Drains Batteries.

How do I troubleshoot a Texas Instruments graphing calculator that rapidly drains batteries?

The most common causes of rapid battery drain are programs/games, mismatched batteries, and negative charge build up. If a calculator is experiencing rapid battery drain, the tips below may help find the cause of the issue. 

• Be wary of 3rd party programs/games. Many of these maintain large data loads. Others bypass our power management schemes and consume more power than usual.

• Make sure that new batteries of the same brand and level of charge are used. Do not mix old and new batteries, or batteries of different brands.

Although there is not a guarantee on the length of time the batteries will last, a calculator that receives 2 hours of daily use will probably need new batteries each semester. Classroom sets will need battery replacement more often because they receive more use.

The following suggestion may clear the memory of the graphing calculator and possibly resolve the rapid battery drainage.

• Remove all of the batteries including the round lithium backup battery and leave them out of the graphing calculator for 3-5 minutes.

Note: Removing all of the batteries will cause the unit to lose any Applications that may be installed on the unit. This may also cause the memory to discharge, removing any negative charge buildup.  

• After the batteries have been out of the graphing calculator for 3-5 minutes, reinsert new batteries in the unit (please make sure that the new batteries are inserted properly) and use the calculator as normal.

If removing the batteries does not help, please complete and submit the TI-Cares™ Customer Assistance Form.