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Solution 14060: Troubleshooting the "Unknown Device" and "TUSB3410 Boot Device" Error Message when Using TI Connect™ Software for Windows®.

How do I troubleshoot the errors "Unknown Device" and "TUSB3410 Boot Device" when using TI Connect Software for Windows®?

If a TI Connectivity Cable detects in Windows' Device Manager as "Unknown Device" or "TUSB3410 Boot Device", then Windows is unable to identify the device correctly. A TI Connectivity Cable should normally detect as a "TI-GRAPH LINK USB” device (driver not installed), "Texas Instruments Silverlink(TI-Graph Link USB) Cable" (driver installed), or TI Educational Device.


The misdetecting device signaling could be a problem with the USB port that the cable is plugged into or a problem with the cable itself. The following two things are recommended to narrow down the problem:

1) Try the TI Connectivity Cable in another USB port.
2) Try the TI Connectivity Cable in another computer.

If the cable fails to detect as one of the normal device names in both of the above situations, then please see Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Between TI Graphing Calculators and Computers