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Solution 10619: Difficulties Running Third-Party Developed Programs on Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators.

Why am I having trouble with the program I downloaded from the internet (any third party site)?

1. To run a program on the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators:

• Press [PRGRM]
• Using the arrows keys, highlight the program you wish to run.
• Press [ENTER] . The display shows "Prgm PrgmName", where "PrgmName" is the name of program selected.
• Press [ENTER] to launch the program.

If the program will not run in the usual manner, then the program(s) may be of assembly type. To run an assembly program on the TI-83 Plus family or TI-84 Plus family, follow the steps provided below:

• Press [2nd] followed by [zero] to access the catalog
• Scroll down to Asm( and press [ENTER], the display will read: Asm(
• Press the [PRGM] key and select the name of the program to run, the display will read: Asm(program name here)

2. To execute a program (either assembly or TI BASIC) on the TI-89 family, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage™ 200, follow the steps provided below:

• Press [2nd] followed by the [-] (minus key) to access the variable link feature
• Scroll down to the program name, press [ENTER] so that the program name appears in the entry line
• Finally, add a closing parenthesis [)] followed by [ENTER]

Please Note: If the program does not run, make sure that the operating system version on your calculator is compatible with the program. Some assembly language programs require specific versions of the calculator operating system. Please consult the program documentation for further assistance or contact the programs author.